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Updates September 2022

In September 2022, the following features and improvements were provided:

  • Display of calendar weeks in the booking plan
  • Possibility to jump to a calendar week in the booking plan
  • Reservation search in the booking plan
  • New design for room blocking (custom colours)
  • New note on rooms that can be used in the automailing text
  • The reservation number now appears in the payment report
  • Date buttons introduced for various reports
  • Display of reservation type in cockpit and breakfast report
  • ibelsa mobile: query when leaving the page
  • Display of room names in the invoice list
  • Closed invoices can now be sent as PDF via email directly from the screen
  • Detailed booking source report is now available as CSV
  • Banquet: When moving the reservation, products outside the new period are now cancelled or moved as well
  • Enhancements of the ibelsa API
  • New Template Engine variable for eRegistration links without room names
  • TSE performance improvements
  • A total of 16 other small improvements and bug fixes
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