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Updates October 2022

In October 2022, the following features and improvements were made available:

  • Consumption according to receipt for cash registers
  • Tooltip for the equipment of a room in the booking plan
  • Products can now be booked “per day” in the shopping cart
  • Datev export now possible explicitly for cash accounts / explicitly without cash accounts
  • New setting to automatically remove expired option bookings
  • Option to email closed invoices and reminders directly from Cashmaster
  • New Marketing Code report
  • Alphabetical sorting for payment types
  • Channel Manager overbookings now adjustable per category
  • Extension of the City Tax Report with tax base and net amounts
  • Reservation search in the booking plan extended by guest name
  • Duration of overnight stay in the “Reservations without City Tax” report
  • Automatic availability comparison when changing the overbooking number
  • Multiple rooms can now be selected when creating room blocks
  • Start and end dates when creating room blocks now adjust more intelligently
  • Enhancements to the owner report to include country, included rate products and better selection of rooms
  • New input field to adjust the min./max. days of all weekdays in the rate settings
  • Booking source report: Display of the portal
  • In the IBE the number of guests is now pre-filled with the default occupancy
  • Housekeeping list: Option to hide locked rooms
  • A total of 11 other small improvements and bug fixes
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