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the pioneer of cloud-based hotel software

Sorgenfreier und zuverlässiger Betrieb bei stabilen Verbindungen und 99,9%iger Verfügbarkeit.


Worry-free and reliable operation with stable connections and 99.9% availability.

Hallo Remote-Hotel! Zugriff auf alle Hoteldaten von überall. Schluss mit hohen Kosten für Server und Serverräume.

cloud based

Hi there, remote hotel! Access all hotel data from anywhere. No more high costs for servers and server rooms.

Sicherer Schutz aller Daten  dank automatisierter, und regelmäßiger Backups.


Secure protection of all data thanks to automated, and regular backups.

Hallo Remote-Hotel! Zugriff auf alle Hoteldaten von überall. Schluss mit hohen Kosten für Server und Serverräume.


Simple and intuitive operation. See, understand, operate. And love.

Sicherer Schutz aller Daten  dank automatisierter, und regelmäßiger Backups.


Open on-click connection (API), automatically growing system without steadily increasing monthly costs.

why ibelsa?

more time for the essentials

With ibelsa, work steps can be optimised and shortened. It makes work easier and at the same time helps to attract new guests, leaving you more time for what’s important: your guests.

competent support always on hand to help

We do not simply sell a product. We consider us as a service provider and our hotel software as a service. At ibelsa, there are no trouble tickets or automated answers. We offer real help from a team that is not only knowledgeable, but passionate about working hard and solution-oriented on every issue.

flexible and individually tailored to you and your hotel

Based on our conviction to find the perfect solution for every hotelier and thus for every hotel, persion, holiday flat, hostel, campsite or guesthouse, we are constantly optimising our cloud-based software and regularly expanding our range of connections to third-party systems.

digitized into the future

Hi there, remote hotel! Your hotel always in view – and with also from your smartphone – then it doesn’t matter where you are.


you need more
than just basic?

Flexible means: book easy modules and personalise your hotel software to suit your needs and your hotel business. Make the world the way you like it!

du brauchst mehr als nur basic?


you need more than just basic?

Flexible means: book easy modules and personalise your hotel software to suit your needs and your hotel business. Make the world the way you like it!

du brauchst mehr als nur basic?

countless connections.
without problems.
and open for everything.

What makes ibelsa so special as a hotel software apart from our personality?

Not only do we have personal relationships with our customers, but we also have pretty firm connections to a wide variety of technologies – and we do it easily.

Through our open API, our users activate new connections with just one click. There are only small, one-time set-up fees.


countless connections.
without problems.
and open for everything.

What makes ibelsa so special as a hotel software apart from our personality?

Not only do we have personal relationships with our customers, but we also have pretty firm connections to a wide variety of technologies – and we do it easily.

Through our open API, our users activate new connections with just one click. There are only small, one-time set-up fees.


DATEV eG is a software house and IT service provider for tax consultants, auditors and lawyers, but also for their clients, such as medium-sized companies, municipalities, associations and institutions. The focus is on the tax advisor market.

freebooking is a company that operates an electronic reservation system for all accommodation providers. With a large network, can save costs when booking online.

ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions


ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions is a leading manufacturer of electronic security systems and has pioneered door opening solutions for generations. We provide hoteliers and their guests with advanced technology solutions for security and peace of mind. Our products range from electronic door locks to ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions Mobile Access, safes, mini-bars and other accessories.


Hotel guest arrival and departure date, room number

Other products

Local or cloud-based hotel locking system software with numerous functions and integration options, Vostio Loaction Services (unique solution for locating people and objects inside buildings), Intelligent Energy Saving Switches.



Trilex offers the triple plus for your business. We equip you with state-of-the-art cash register systems and innovative dispensing systems and optimise your technical and digital infrastructure with individual IT solutions. After all, triple is much better than double, and with our trio of advantages you are completely carefree: you get the best of three worlds, but have only one contact person who is there for you.

Because that is the best thing about this triple:
You can always count on us.


The API is the programming interface between hotel software and the connected hardware. It is decisive for which devices work together. Data exchange, especially between products from different manufacturers, is only possible if the interface has been programmed accordingly. Our open ibelsa API is available to developers free of charge and already offers support for numerous third-party systems. A seamless link makes the management of typical areas such as the cash register system, occupancy schedules, housekeeping and contacts easier and clearer than ever before.



DIRS21 by TourOnline AG has been creating intelligent and innovative solutions in the hotel, catering and tourism industry for over 21 years. Combined in one system, DIRS21 offers all the functions of a web-based booking engine, as well as a comprehensive channel manager, making it the market leader in D-A-CH. More than 5,300 customers, mostly medium-sized and owner-managed hotels from the 3 & 4-star sector, use DIRS21.


The following applies to the PMS V2 interface

Availabilities, prices, minimum nights, CTA/CTD can be transmitted.
Can be retrieved/booked: Bookings, rebookings, cancellations, additional services.
Export options: Changes only
The following applies to the PMS V3 interface

The following can be transmitted:availabilities, rates, occupancy-dependent rates, minimum nights, CTA/CTD, children’s rates, closed periods.
all transmitted data except availabilities can be transmitted individually per rate
Retrieved/posted can be Bookings, rebookings, cancellations, additional services
Export options: Changes only

Other products

Channel manager (DIRS21 Channelswitch), direct booking mask (IBE), widgets (additional modules), DIRS21 Quickbook (quick booking box), DIRS21 package list, DIRS21 availability calendar, DIRS21 room list, connections to price comparisons and metasearchers, Liverate, Trivago, Google Hotel Ads, tripadvisor, services, DIRS21 voucher shop, DIRS21 payment, DIRS21 web concepts



Viato GmbH is a service provider for hotels in the field of
channel management, online booking, web design and online marketing in the D-A-C-H region. We advise business and holiday hotels as well as hotel chains and cooperations. Smaller hosts and holiday apartment providers also find a competent partner in us with products adapted to this target group.


Certified 2-way interface:
– reservation feedback, also from modified bookings
– automated booking import
– automated booking processes

further products

Viato Channel Manager: portal maintenance of OTAs in an online-based input mask.
Viato Booking Engine: a customisable reservation system for the hotel’s own website.
Web design
Consulting / Support: hotel consulting for online sales.

Parity Rate

Parity Rate’s mission is to keep you and your customers happy by removing the anxiety and stress of managing supply and demand online. With Parity Rate Channel Manager, you can update rates and availability online simultaneously with just one click.

Customer Alliance


Engage with your customers, collect feedback and optimise your business with Customer Alliance’s intelligent solutions. Communicate with your customers throughout all stages of the journey. With intelligent triggers that automate interaction and feedback collection, you can ensure you’re on target with your customers’ expectations. Generate more revenue with integrated upselling solutions and gain holistic insight into the interaction between your customers and your business.


Arrival / departure date, name & email

other products

  • Front Desk Booster
  • Automated customer communication, reduced manual effort, increase sales through upsells
  • Reputation Booster
  • Generate more reviews and increase visibility on the internet
  • Satisfaction-Booster
  • Increase own reputation and improve through customer feedback


Profitroom maximise hoteliers’ profits by supplying them with innovative technologies accompanied by comprehensive services that streamline sales processes and increase revenue. Our channel manager is connected to over 100 partners worldwide. User and Mobile friendly interface, easy-to-use, Integration stability and great support for an affortable price make of our channel manager a great tool for each kind of hotel and accomodation.


Rates updates, Inventory updates, Restrictions updates, Reservations (New, cancel and modified), Multiroom reservations, contact details, extra details, customer notes and on demand other additional reservations informations.

other products

Profitroom Booking engine, CRM, Website, Direct revenue and marketing strategies. All solutions that a hotel or resort need to boost their direct bookings.

LUX Hospitality


We see ourselves as an internet service provider for small and medium-sized enterprises. We specialise in solutions in the areas of web and online marketing applications as well as process control for the hotel and tourism industry. Our services must be measurable for our customers in all directions and are the answer against empty rooms. An appealing and up-to-date design, a technically perfect implementation and the possibility of commercialisation – these important points can be found in every single LUX Hospitality Solutions application.


Creation of hotel websites with CM system for easy self-maintenance
Support for the digital marketing of hotels (SEO for hotels, social media for hotels)
Channel manager with 2-way XML connection from hotel software to online portals
Online hotel booking tool for selling rooms, packages and extras
Online voucher tool for the commission-free sale of value vouchers
Upselling tool (prestay phase) for rooms and services (early check-in, bicycle etc.)
Creation of webshops


FibuNet’s accounting solution, which has been tried and tested many times, fulfils even highly complex requirements in a superior manner. The highly professional software programme is an ideal solution for medium-sized companies that are subject to high auditing obligations.



XENIA software solutions have been designed and developed specifically for the requirements of the gastronomy and hotel industry since 1997. The implementation of the requirements of our customers and partners always comes first. Due to this consistent market orientation, XENIA has long been one of the leading complete solutions for this market. In the meantime, more than 3000 customers in different countries trust in the XENIA POS software.


Turnover by article groups, departments and payment methods are transferred.

Other products

XENIA offers a multitude of integrated modules, interfaces and an increasing number of web-based connections, which, in addition to the usual cash register functions, provide possibilities to specifically control and monitor operations.


Digitalisation changes everything. With unprecedented possibilities! But how do you manage to simply connect everything and everyone?

chayns is the beginning of it all. The open platform provides all the components to digitise companies and organisations and to realise ideas and projects digitally from scratch: your own interactive site, a complete SSO login system, a multi-platform publishing system, professional messaging, lots of applications, a complete eCommerce platform and every conceivable interface for unlimited possibilities.


Guest WLAN, hotel TV, digital signage. Enthusiastic guests, informed customers, relieved employees. Our professional WLAN communication and information solutions provide all of this.


Especially in rough working conditions, the extremely robust stationary and mobile Vectron POS systems prove highest reliability. The product range is updated at regular intervals in order to always serve the market with technologically pioneering stationary and mobile POS systems.



AVS is an operator and provider of value-added systems in the areas of customer loyalty, tourism and web applications, which enable the processing of bonus, registration and access systems through database-supported backroom systems. For the tourism sector, the AVS registration form is a solution for the systematic processing of registration data, guest contribution recording and spa card issuing.


Web service-based interface for the transfer of registration data, validation of data, return of a PDF (for printout of registration form and guest cards), update function.

Further products

AVS Card System


Bookassist is an industry leader in conversion. Your booking system is the key to making profits for years to come. That’s why you choose it wisely. Our best performing clients benefit from excellent conversion rates and higher direct booking rates.


Software for tourism

addresses – brochure enquiry – text function and room info Incoming software for travel agencies Beach chair module Online beach chair module for guests Online beach chair module for beach sales Additional services module Cash desk module Tourist card module in RFID, EAN code Online/offline scan module for tourist cards Online shop module for additional services and product sales Online trampoline service sales Online sales for various services – such as ice rink admissions Tourism tax module – FVA health resort contribution module Services – such as ice rink admissions Tourism levy module – FVA spa fee module XML registration form module Online registration form module Annual spa card module



E2N is a cloud-based software solution for personnel organisation, time recording, duty scheduling and controlling. Predominantly specialised in gastronomy, hotel business and system gastronomy, simple and intuitive handling as well as well thought-out, system-inherent functions lead to a maximum of time savings on the entrepreneur’s side and, as a result, to an effective reduction of personnel costs.


ibelsa transmits daily at 5:00 a.m. all arrivals, departures, attendants (inhouse), as well as the load in % and the breakfast for the period of the previous day + 28 days to E2N.

other products

staff. Working hours. Duty roster. Controlling



Kognitiv Corporation operates a unique collaborative distribution network within the travel industry. With Kognitiv, consumer brands delight their customers with inspiring and personal travel experiences while travel suppliers gain access to significant new markets of motivated buyers.


between ibelsa and Kognitiv:
MinLOS, CTA, Rateclose Level, Rates, Availabilty, Reservations

other Products

Channel Manager, IBE, Meta Search Connectivity (Google Hotel Ads, TripAdvisor, trivago, idealo, wego, Hotellook)



Throughout the guest journey, our digital solutions delight both guest and hotel. The 360° software for guest communication, energy management and hotel network simplifies the daily work in the hotel and offers guests more service. The digital guest folder, for example, is an information channel and ensures increased turnover. The intelligent room control automatically regulates the temperature in the hotel room and thus reduces energy costs.


The interface transmits data for a personal guest greeting and occupancy-dependent push messages. It also transmits information about when the guest will arrive and whether they are checked in to the intelligent room control.

Other products

In addition, a hotel app, digital signage, e-charging stations, WLAN, IP telephone systems and hotel TV are part of Betterspace’s portfolio. All solutions can be combined with and together map the guest’s digital guest journey – from the hotel search to after departure.

Schultes Kassensysteme

Cash register systems with a future … we have been following this motto for over 30 years. SCHULTES Kassensysteme sees itself as a tradition-conscious cash register manufacturer that is also open to all new developments on the cash register market. The S-700 bluepos software combines modern technologies with over 30 years of experience of SCHULTES Kassensystemen in the development of POS systems.


Are you looking for the complete software solution for the development of your business? Our applications have all the necessary functions, both for the correct management of the entire flow of activities and for time efficiency and revenue optimisation.

Check 24-7 In

Our Checkin 24-7 terminal welcomes your guests and guides them through the steps of payment, registration and keycard creation. The host terminal is designed for a variety of hospitality concepts. The modular concept also allows for a targeted layout of modules within and outside the hospitality industry.


Our TiPOS cash register system was optimally developed for the needs of the GASTRONOMY, BAKERY and TRADE sectors. These three basic packages can be extended by a variety of additional modules, so that you always get the right software equipment for your cash register. In addition, we offer cash register-independent products that optimally complete your business equipment.



novacom software gmbh is an expert for integrated management systems in gastronomy, hotel and leisure facilities – software made in Austria. Our range extends from the NovaTouch®POS gastronomy POS system with perfect integration of the Orderman handheld, as well as NovaTouch®Control merchandise management and NovaTouch®Voucher. The advantages of use:

  • optimised staff deployment as well as flexible application options
  • more turnover
  • faster service
  • reliable data storage through a tried and tested data management


NovaTouch updates the currently checked-in rooms at intervals and transmits invoices in real time. For the correct client booking in IBELSA, a client ID must be configured in NovaTouch, which is predefined by IBELSA. The invoices are transferred to IBELSA with item accuracy.

Further products

NovaTouch® Branch Manager controls and monitors several branches from a central location. All data is available at any time. With the Orderman handhelds and NovaTouch®, cashless payment at the Orderman is now possible together with our partner Six Payment Services.


Your partner for business software in the hotel industry. Filosof because:

  • Filosof solutions for your administration are ingeniously simple and intuitive.
  • We are close to you with our development
  • Excellent service and personal support inspire confidence
  • borders to currently 20 countries are no hurdles for us
  • security vis-à-vis the legislator is not debatable
  • Filosof competence is affordable
  • Filosof is open in combination with partner solutions


CultSwitch offers innovative solutions and services to support the online sales of hotel businesses. The core of the portfolio is the CultSwitch Channel Manager, which ensures automatic synchronisation between the hotels’ software systems (PMS) and a variety of distribution channels such as, or HRS. Beyond technical support, CultSwitch sees itself as a service provider and consultant that optimises online distribution in close partnership with the host.


Transmission of availabilities, prices, minimum stays as well as arrival and departure restrictions to CultSwitch as well as transmission of booking details to Ibelsa (“two-way”).

Other products

Cash registers: Merchandise management, channel manager: IBE etc.


What looks so simple at the tap is a complex structure. It’s about efficient management, it’s about the use of goods, quality, saving time and ultimately it’s also about keeping costs as low as possible in all their ramifications. Not to forget, of course, the handling for the service team; they must be able to work quickly, easily and effectively and never lose control.

The “optimal dispensing system”?

  • delivers high quality fresh beverages
  • facilitates the work and provides the necessary security in the hospitality business
  • ensures control and provides accounting of the dispensing process
  • is individually expandable and flexible

Lexware software for finance and accounting.



Cash up easily, reliably and legally with the powerful & flexible cash register software from GastroSoft. Everything from one source – so that nothing can stop you. GastroSoft solves all problems that cash registers can cause. Everywhere where cash is collected. From cafes and bars to restaurants, hotels and of course the retail trade: more than 3,500 customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland trust us. Are you next?


Hotel add-on

A welcome guest

With our interface, we create a smooth connection between your gastronomy and the reception.

Does this go to the room?

The add-on provides the guest names, room occupancy and booking period. This way you can book gastronomic services directly to a guest’s room. At the same time, the receipt is created, which the guest signs.

Clear advantages

Through the direct connection you save unnecessary ways, time and errors, which often turn into complaints.

Compatible with ibelsa.rooms (web-based)

more products

ADD-ONS: Even more Gastrosoft
only install what you need. This keeps your POS software clear and your budget lean. These extensions are available so far:

Card payment
Time recording
Financial accounting
Cash book
Branch management
Delivery Service
Bar Management
Kitchen display
and much more


Our mission is to help hoteliers maximise their revenue from marketing and sales. And by developing best-in-class solutions that put technology in the background so hoteliers can focus on their guests and the hospitality industry.

Hotel Spider

Use our reliable 2-way interfaces to customise and automate your systems. Enter your prices and your availabilities into our system or send us this information directly from your PMS. Your data will then be forwarded to all connected booking portals. When a reservation is received, we take it over and automatically change the contingent in all booking portals. The reservation is sent to you and synchronised with your hotel management programme (PMS).



gastronovi offers an intelligent all-in-one solution for the catering and hotel industry that effortlessly simplifies and automates processes. The smart, expandable cash register solution optimally networks all gastronomic areas with each other and relieves the gastronome of his daily tasks: From the cash register system and table reservations to marketing, merchandise management or costing to the guest ordering system and much more.


Automatic transfer of accounting data: Benefit from ideal interaction between hotel software and gastronomy POS system.

Interface function overview:

Read out current guests and display in the cash register.
Direct booking to rooms or virtual accounts from the cash register
Transfer of all invoices – regardless of the payment method – including itemised partial payments
Transfer of commodity groups of articles from the cash register
Transmission of the cumulative daily report as well as shift reports

Other products

gastronovi offers an all-in-one solution for the gastronomy and hotel industry consisting of 10 modules and 5 extensions:

Cash register system
Cash book
Customer loyalty
Merchandise management
Ordering system
Menu cards
Time recording
Table reservation
Purchasing system
Key figures

Key & Card


Key & Card AG brings more than 30 years of experience in access organisation.
The self-check-in terminal developed in Switzerland communicates with Ibelsa to create an uncomplicated and fast guest experience.
Main functions:
– Payment (cash/debit/credit card)
– Registration form (with document scanner)
– Key coding
– Walk-in

Other functions during the stay.
Many other integrations and functions.


Reservation data is retrieved from Ibelsa to pre-record registration slips. Payments at the terminal are transferred to Ibelsa. Availability query to create new walk-in reservations.

Other products

Electronic locking systems with RFID key cards, pin code, Bluetooth (BLE) and Wifi communication. Remote management and remote opening of doors via app or web browser. IDAS registration slip management for staffed reception.


Our vision of self-check-in – No company in the market knows more about self-check-in & out than we do. For almost 20 years we have built up a unique experience of how to implement a successful self-service strategy. Here’s a tip: It’s a combination of why, where and how. The technology must serve your guests so they can check in & out when they want, where they want and how they want.


Simply make a good cash register with few accessories. A tablet and an app – the cash register is ready! That sounds simple? It is! CULINARO Checkout provides you with everything you need for your gastronomic management. Even without internet, the app is fully functional in an emergency. With CULINARO Kasse, we offer a complete solution for every size of business and every requirement – from restaurants and hotels to food trucks and catering. Discover your industry-specific advantages.


Your website from our professionals – We create or renovate your website. According to your wishes and needs. Professional. Uncomplicated. Modern.


Plannico flexibly adapts to your organisational structure and allows you to comfortably plan in coordination with your employees. Bottlenecks at specific workplaces can be easily identified and seamlessly filled with employees who have the right skills and are available.



SALTO offers wireless electronic hotel locking systems that can be customised to meet the individual requirements of hotels of all types and sizes. They can be used to integrate the guest area, public areas, back of house and third-party systems (e.g. vending machines, lifts, laundry). In addition to the functionality with RFID cards, SALTO offers the possibility to open doors with smartphones via mobile keys (BLE and NFC).


Sending access rights to the ProAccess SPACE software, which is used to encode key cards. In addition, sending access rights as mobile keys directly to the JustIN Mobile App for opening doors with smartphones via BLE or NFC.

Other products

Interfaces to various PMS, mobile service providers, cash register accounting systems, card issuing systems and to several tourism cards. Multi-application via the cards with third-party systems (time recording, laundry etc.) possible.


Booking a hotel without checking the reviews is unthinkable today! Hotels that actively generate many authentic reviews benefit from a higher findability on the internet and thus get significantly more bookings – on the portals and commission-free directly on their own hotel website. Optimise your guest communication, distribute your reviews automatically and always be informed about what is written about your hotel on the internet.



RateBoard is an intelligent revenue management software that calculates the optimal price for the next 365 days in the future using a scientifically based algorithm. By linking RateBoard to the hotel programme, the determined price can be forwarded directly to the hotel’s own PMS and thus distributed to all sales channels. In addition to saving an enormous amount of time in price maintenance, RateBoard also maximises occupancy and increases turnover by eight to 15 percent.


Availability and reservation data from the past 2 years as well as all upcoming arrival days are shared and transmitted in real time. RateBoard can thus calculate the optimal price for the future 365 days and return it directly to Ibelsa via the interface.

straiv by code2order

About straiv by CODE2ORDER

straiv by CODE2ORDER digitises the guest journey in hotels. The hotel tech company focuses on a holistic approach with digital solutions for check-in & -out including mobile door opening, the digital guest folder and automated journey messaging in the hotel. With the solutions, hotels optimise internal work processes and hotel guests benefit from a quick and easy service via their own smartphone – without an app download.

All solutions are based on the latest technology of the Progressive Web App, which enables access via any end device. Without a conventional app download. Currently, over 2,500 branded, individual and chain hotels in 29 countries rely on the progressive solution.

The fast-growing company was founded in 2015 by Patrick Luik, Fabian Hieber and Alexander Haußmann with headquarters in Stuttgart and has already won several innovation awards.


As the Austrian certificate market leader, A-Trust always offers its partners the right solution: simple implementation, maximum security standards and 100% legal compliance! Your cash register systems must comply with various legal standards – in Austria the Cash Register Security Ordinance (RKSV) and in Germany the Cash Register Security Ordinance (KassenSichV).


SiteMinder is a smart platform that helps you make smarter decisions to increase your revenue and occupancy. Find all the reports you need in one place, distribute your rooms with ease to book more guests, save time updating OTAs, make clearer pricing decisions and ensure your prices stay competitive so you can beat your competition, today and tomorrow!




We ensure a seamless and stress-free integration of our system and service into your hotel’s existing operations. This is because we work with the key players in the market to ensure flawless and best possible interface communication. This ensures that the full potential for increased efficiency is realised.


PHP Interface:

  1. Inspect -> PMS Ibelsa receives our room types
  2. Inventory Update -> PMS Ibelsa sends inventory status
  3. Reservation -> PMS Ibelsa receives reservations
  4. Confirmation-> PMS Ibelsa confirms the receipt of the reservation

Rely on the modern cash register. Secure against manipulation and fully offline-capable. Cash register solutions tailored to your needs. Get advice now! Easy to operate. 24-hour support. For all industries. Cloud-based. Multi-user and mobile.



MappingMaster is the solution for the optimal online distribution while working within multiple touristical online distributions channels. Cloud based products like our Channel Manager, MasterBookings, Cockpit and Fast PMS enriching the world of thousands of accommodation providers all over the world. The MappingMaster products are built to help increase online revenue, streamline business process and drive down the cost of acquisition. MappingMaster is a button up, dynamic company that will continually grow while using the advantage of the first fully self-serviced Channel Management System for apartments, holiday houses and flats, hostels and hotels at the touristic market.


Full 2 Way XML interface for sending availability and rates and receiving reservations (push or pull) – minimum/maximum stay and close for arrival/departure transfer.

other Products

MappingMaster’s Channel Manager allows you to update room rates and availability across multiple online portals, greatly simplifying online channel and booking management. The MappingMaster Channel Manager is a web-based software system that enables managers of holiday units, B&Bs, hostels and hotels to adjust daily rates, availability and cancellations across third-party platforms simultaneously. The greatest advantage here is the improved overview that allows providers to plan more effectively and save time. Reservation and price updates occur in real time. Accommodation providers can also avoid overbookings thanks to the two-way XML technology of the MappingMaster system.


We deliver resident communication services based on Session Initial Protocol (SIP) technology. We provide innovative, cost-effective communication solutions for our customers.



Hypersoft has been one of the leading POS system manufacturers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for more than 20 years. From POS cash registers to merchandise management and vending systems, Hypersoft offers you a fully integrated and customised experience that can be expanded with numerous modules. These include both software and hardware extensions that adapt to your needs and successfully support you in your daily work. The Hypersoft system is scalable from a single-user solution to a multi-store concept.


Item data with item name, item number, merchandise group, tax rate, etc.
Check-ins based on room number, first or last name with return of reservation number
Services booked on a hotel room
Turnover incl. multi-payment
Other products

From POS checkout to merchandise management, Hypersoft offers you a fully integrated and customised experience that can be extended with numerous modules.


Window to the world! Tourism and marketing at the highest level. Comprehensive and individually designed overall solutions for a strong tourism with added value.


The Cubilis Channel Manager is part of the Cubilis hotel software package. The Channel Manager allows you to manage the availability and prices of all your booking sites (OTAs) via a central user interface. This reduces your administrative workload, avoids possible overbookings and increases your turnover.

your hotel is there,
wherever you hold it in your hand

Hi there, remote hotel! Thanks to ibelsa mobile, all the important features of your hotel software are in your pocket.

Keep track of your hotel – no matter where you are. Perfect for housekeeping or creating reservations.

your hotel is there,
wherever you hold it in your hand

Hi there, remote hotel! Thanks to ibelsa mobile, all the important features of your hotel software are in your pocket.

Keep track of your hotel – no matter where you are. Perfect for housekeeping or creating reservations.

makes the dream

This is what makes us strong: Our company is owner-managed and financially independent – our customers benefit from this! As a pioneer of cloud-based software, we have been constantly developing our product for over ten years. Not only do we work closely together as a team, but also with our customers, and that is especially close to my heart.

philipp berchtold

now: 30 days
test free of charge.

Rather unattached than attached and above all: rather test 30 days free of charge and convince yourself of our heart of a digital hotel.

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