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Updates October 2022

FEATURES: Consumption according to receipt for cash registers, tooltip for the equipment of a room in the occupancy plan, products can now be booked “per day” in the shopping cart, Datev export now explicitly for cash register accounts / explicitly without cash register accounts possible, …

1. November 2022

Updates September 2022

FEATURES: Display of calendar weeks in the occupancy plan, Possibility to jump to a calendar week in the occupancy plan, Reservation search in the occupancy plan, New design for room locks (custom colours), New note on rooms that can be used in the automailing text, The reservation number now appears in the payment report, Date buttons introduced for various reports, Display of reservation type for cockpit and breakfast report, …

28. September 2022

Updates August 2022

FEATURES: eSTATISTIK.core export for monthly survey in tourism, New option for dirs21 customers to suppress sending “close to channel”, Banquet: New template for booking confirmation, Banquet: Internal notes can now be formatted with an editor, Banquet: Display of room reservations and prices in the cost overview

28. August 2022

Updates July 2022

FEATURES: mobile: F&B breakfast display now based on previous day, banquet: Roboto font also for html preview of function sheet, IBE setting:en link for logo can be stored + IBE fields gender and language, connection of the new Hochschwarzwaldcard interface, ibelsa API: Endpoint handle_additional_guests, error handling and output extended, mobile: manage room blocking via availabilities tab, mobile: block room via housekeeping tab, banquet: error in function sheet when displaying phone number fixed.
Account selection now shows no or only tax accounts depending on location, IBE settings: Alternative email, Live Log now shows check-ins, Added missing salutation to “Financial configuration incomplete” mail, Mobile: Added “Forgot password?” button to login, Billing management: Dialog for unsaved changes, API: New endpoint for pulling room reservations,…

3. August 2022
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