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10 reasons for ibelsa

As part of our process of client-centred development across all areas, it was important to ask ourselves the question: “What are the reasons for partnering with ibelsa?” Traditionally a task that would fall to either an individual or a marketing agency. But why should someone represent us who may not even know who we are. So why not let the team speak for who we are and what we can offer our clients? The idea behind this is not new; surely some of you have already heard of crowdfunding or crowdsourcing.

The idea behind it? Instead of assigning a task to one person, it is outsourced and distributed among several voluntary participants – in this case our staff. This has been shown to increase processing speed, quality and flexibility (source: Ricardo Buettner: A Systematic Literature Review of Crowdsourcing Research from a Human Resource Management Perspective). The framework alone was not enough, because until now there was no way to collect feedback constructively, guided and above all fairly.

A guiding question was needed:

“10 reasons for ibelsa” – simple, but effective.

With the guiding question in mind, we formed random groups of three participants. The groups were not completely random. In order to achieve the highest possible degree of perspective, each group participant had to come from a different department.

Group constellations could be as follows:

  • IT, Sales, Support
  • support, UX design, development
  • etc.

At a kick-off meeting, the 8 teams put together their first “10 reasons for ibelsa”. Thereupon, the further procedure was determined: First, a maximum of 10 reasons were worked out in small interdisciplinary teams.

In a next step, two teams then laid their now 20 reasons open and on top of each other and then had the further task of agreeing on a maximum of 10 reasons. No easy matter and a struggle for every word. The meetings were organised individually and should not take longer than an hour.

In a total of four rounds, the final “10 reasons for ibelsa” were worked out by the team from a total of 80 reasons in a kind of sieving process. In a process that took about a month. Our conclusion? We will definitely use the internal crowdsourcing process again. We were positively surprised by the speed and quality of our results.

We proudly present our 10 reasons for working with us. These are based on over 11 years of company history and the resulting customer feedback. We see these 10 points above all as a claim on our own daily work!

Cloud-based – secure, location-independent, capable of growth: You don’t need a server, always work with the latest version and automatic multiple redundant backups in various German data centres.

Automation and digitalisation – future-oriented work: Automation in daily tasks from booking to check-in to check-out with invoice generation.

Transparent price structure / monthly cancellable – individual solutions, flexible terms, price models for seasonal operations

Connections to third party systems – Easy to connect with our partners and no monthly connection fees, open API

Customer-oriented support – short response times, good accessibility, emergency hotline at weekends, multilingual, weekly free webinars, in-house support team

experienced & independent – owner-managed, experience in the hotel sector since 2010, own development in-house, flexible planning, agile reactions

We are there for you! – since 2010, customer-oriented further development, at eye level, transparent & (regular) communication, annual feedback meetings.

Individual consulting and training – Tailor-made solutions, detailed training for you & your employees

Legally compliant – DSGVO / KassenSichV with certified TSE / reporting form

Modular software “for you” – add-on modules as needed, the customer only pays for what they need. Hostels bed-based, flexible options via adds

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