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Link to general documentation:

The following documents describe endpoints for specific use cases,
for further questions please contact

These documents are intended as a suggestion. Sometimes it can be useful to use endpoints
other than those listed here. This documentation should always be used in conjunction with the online documentation for
the ibelsa API. :

Endpoints for kiosk application:  ibelsa_API-Bookings-1.2

Push notification from ibelsa:        ibelsa API Extensions

Invoicemanagement endpoints:    ibelsa_API_Invoice

Yield management endpoints:      ibelsa_API_Rate

ibelsa API E-charge station:          ibelsa  API_E-charge_station 

ibelsa API modification:                ibelsa API modification

ibelsaPay Link for third parties     ibelsaPay Link for third Parties

Enhancement of the endpoint
POST /api/set/add/products
The end point now has the option of specifying a booking date.
This means that the booked product can be assigned to a specific day of the reservation.

New flag for contacts: Marketing consent. This flag can be set in all endpoints that contain contacts.

Announcement of restriction of two endpoints effective 26.09.2023.
See document.

New endpoint
Cancellation of bookings
GET /api/set/cancel/{entity}/{id}–api-set-cancel-{entity}-{id}

New endpoint provides tax classes and booking accounts of the hotel
GET /api/get/hotel/taxclasses_accounts–api-get-hotel-taxclasses_accounts

New endpoint create product / create commodity group
POST /api/create/products–api-create-products

POST /api/create/commoditygroups–api-create-commoditygroups

Enhancement of the endpoint
GET /api/get/timespan/{entity}/{start}/{end}/{last_modified}/{last_modified_time}–api-get-timespan-{entity}-{start}-{end}-{last_modified}-{last_modified_time}
entity = reservations
If reservations are requested, the URL can be extended by the parameter ?include_noshows=yes.
Then NoShows will be listed as well.

New endpoint
POST api/set/cardid_to_roomreservation
Link ID of a key card with a room reservation

1) Enhancement of the endpoint
POST /api/set/create/reservation
it is now possible to create group reservations,
i.e. multiple room reservations with one request

2) Change of the endpoint
POST /api/set/add/room_to_reservation
Before the creation, the availability is checked.
Overbooking is no longer possible

3) New endpoint
POST /api/set/mainreservation/note
Adding notes to mainreservation
Notes can be marked for sending via automailing

4) Enhancment for endpoint
POST /api/set/roomreservation/note
Notes can now be marked for sending via automailing

5) Enhancement for endpoint
POST /api/get/contacts/searchpattern
Searching contacts by phone automatically starts with wildcard

Two new endpoints:
1) Create a CashMaster invoice without a reservation.
POST /api/set/create/cashmaster/invoice
2) Adding products to a CashMaster invoice
POST /api/set/add/invoice/products

1) New endpoint
POST /api/get/contacts/searchpattern
Search contacts by a searchpattern

2) New Deeplinks Feature
See documentation for more infos.

Enhancement of the endpoint
POST /api/set/restrictions/rateperiod
Minlos and maxlos are now stored per day
If several days are defined via „start“ and „end“,
the value for minlos and maxlos is set for each day.

Change in endpoint:
POST /api/set/create/reservation
By default, overbooking is no longer possible.
With the new parameter „allow_overbooking“ an intentional overbooking can be made.

New Endpoint:
POST /api/get/roomreservation/searchpattern
End point to get one room reservation via search criteria

The Endpoint
POST /api/set/create/reservation
A parameter (create_ibelsa_task) has been added to the endpoint.
This can be used to automatically create a task in ibelsa
that references the new reservation.

The endpoint
GET /api/get/timespan/{entity}/{start}/{end}/{last_modified}
is limited to a period of 12 months per request.

In the settings of an ibelsa rate, this rate can be blocked for the ibelsa API via a checkbox. The rate can then no longer be used in the API.

New endpoint: /api/set/create/contact
Create a new contact independent of a reservation

Push Notifications for contacts (see document ibelsa API Extensions above)

All endpoints that process contacts
Extension of the contact entity with the fields „gender“ and „language“.

New endpoint api/set/add/room_to_reservation
Allows adding a room to an existing reservation.

Extension of the endpoint /api/set/roomreservation/note
When creating a note for a room reservation, you can now specify whether this note should also appear on two reports:
Housekeeping repoprt and breakfast report.

Endpoint /api/set/contactdata
Corona check enabled via a flag for contacts

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