Link to general documentation: https://rooms.ibelsa.com/api/doc

The following documents describe endpoints for specific use cases,
for further questions please contact dev-team@ibelsa.com

These documents are intended as a suggestion. Sometimes it can be useful to use endpoints
other than those listed here. This documentation should always be used in conjunction with the online documentation for
the ibelsa API. :

Endpoints for kiosk application:  ibelsa_API-Bookings-1.2

Push notification from ibelsa:        ibelsa API Extensions

Invoicemanagement endpoints:    ibelsa_API_Invoice

Yield management endpoints:      ibelsa_API_Rate

New Endpoint:
POST /api/get/roomreservation/searchpattern
End point to get one room reservation via search criteria

The Endpoint
POST /api/set/create/reservation
A parameter (create_ibelsa_task) has been added to the endpoint.
This can be used to automatically create a task in ibelsa
that references the new reservation.

The endpoint
GET /api/get/timespan/{entity}/{start}/{end}/{last_modified}
is limited to a period of 12 months per request.

In the settings of an ibelsa rate, this rate can be blocked for the ibelsa API via a checkbox.                                                                                         The rate can then no longer be used in the API.

New endpoint: /api/set/create/contact
Create a new contact independent of a reservation

Push Notifications for contacts (see document ibelsa API Extensions above)

All endpoints that process contacts
Extension of the contact entity with the fields „gender“ and „language“.

New endpoint api/set/add/room_to_reservation
Allows adding a room to an existing reservation.

Extension of the endpoint /api/set/roomreservation/note
When creating a note for a room reservation, you can now specify whether this note should also appear on two reports:
Housekeeping repoprt and breakfast report.

Endpoint /api/set/contactdata
Corona check enabled via a flag for contacts