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With the founding of Apartmentvermietung Nürnberg-Apart in 2015, we laid the foundation for a successful company in the accommodation industry.
In doing so, it was and is particularly important to us to optimise administrative operational processes as best as possible. ibelsa helps us with this every day. Certainly, some flat or holiday home operators ask themselves: “Do I really need this?” or “Is it worth investing in this programme?”
Our answer is clear: Yes, it is worth it!

A lot of service at a fair price:
We see the basis of the programme as a well-functioning customer care module that enables us to record all personal and company data and, among other things, to present the guest with a ready-made registration form upon arrival. Reminder functions for open tasks and activities as well as the creation of individual text blocks for offers, invoices and reminders are also part of the basic programme. An interface to the channel management and thus the connection to our sales partners as well as the possibility to create bookings directly and quickly is included.
bookings directly and quickly is another module we do not want to do without. The administration of rates, room categories and additional services is clear and enables simple allocation and billing. Corresponding tax specifications are automatically taken into account. The possibility of writing to existing contacts by email from within the programme as well as the recently introduced auto-mailing function round off the whole thing. This review refers to the modules and services of ibelsa.rooms that we have booked and used.

Personal, friendly and competent:
Finally, it should be emphasised that with ibelsa.rooms you are
are not left alone. Numerous video tutorials as well as the always friendly and competent contact to the customer support are there for you. The ibelsa team has thus convinced us all along the line and it is fun to work with ibelsa

Nürnberg Apart
Nils Brodersen
Otto-Lilienthal Str. 53
90411 Nürnberg

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