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The move to Ibelsa has simplified the workflows in our company and thus significantly accelerated some processes. The intuitive operation has made the changeover very easy, but this is also thanks to the super support, which was quick, friendly and competent from the very beginning. Working with Ibelsa is fun, especially because you realise that the software is regularly maintained, updated and meaningfully expanded. Suggestions for basic adjustments and changes are quickly followed up or there is at least one alternative suggestion. Thanks to the cloud and web basis, we have quick access from everywhere, can help each other or react quickly without being directly on site. Now that Ibelsa supports us so well in organising, we have additional time, which not least benefits our guests. This means that Ibelsa not only increases our satisfaction, but also that of our guests, which in turn is a double benefit for us. Thank you Ibelsa for such a great and clearly recommendable “tool” at work.

Landgasthof Nagerl
Bahnhofstraße 6
85417 Marzling

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