Monday, 27. May 2013

April showers bring May flowers ...

According to ibelsa’s company philosophy we aim to adjust and prioritize our development procedureaccording to our customer feedback and their needs.

Thanks to your feedback we were able to optimize the reservation screen and the reservation process and are pleased to present you to today´s ibelsa.rooms update.

The previously separated reservation process (main reservation and reservation details) is now displayed within one reservation screen. You have all information at a glance and with just a few steps it is possible to create both an individual and a group reservation.

See what´s new in our reservation screen!

  • All files, that were stored in the reservation screen – be it guest, company or invoice recipient - can be edited via the pen icon directly inside the reservation screen. Thus, the current data of the reservation and the client file is updated.
  • The file data (name, address, additional registration form infos) of the invoice recipient, the company and the guests are directly visible in the screen.
  •  If you have booked additional services for a guest - eg breakfast, wireless internet, etc. - you can now immediately see the posting cycle of the products (once, daily, weekly  ...)
  • The group reservations, which can still be extended from each individual reservation, have become even clearer because you can easily switch between the different reservations in the reservation screen.
  • Upselling is now possible via optional products directly within the reservation screen! This feature was previously only available in the web booking.
  • There is more space within the room rack for reservations, as the main reservation window is no longer displayed.

In addition, the connection to the Channel Manager ParityRate was further optimized. Via the interface, the availability and prices will be uploaded directly to the booking portals, in turn, incoming reservations from & co. will be transferred directly into ibelsa.rooms.The feedback from the hotels, that are already using this interface, is that this change makes work much easier!