Collect easily, reliably and legally compliant with the powerful & flexible cash register software from GastroSoft. Everything you need from one source – so nothing can stop you. GastroSoft solves all problems that can cause cash registers. Everywhere, where payment is made. From cafes and bars to restaurants, hotels and of course the retail trade: More than 3,500 customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland trust us. Are you the next?


Hotel Add-On

A welcome guest
With our interface, we create a smooth connection between your gastronomy and the reception.

Does this go to the room?
The add-on provides guest names, room occupancy and the booking period. This enables you to book catering services straight to the room of a guest. At the same time, the receipt is created and signed by the guest.

Clear advantages
Through the direct connection you save needless ways, time and mistakes, which often lead to complaints.

Compatible with ibelsa.rooms (web-based)

further products

ADD-ONS: Still more Gastrosoft
install only what you need. This keeps your POS software clear and the budget slim. These extensions are available so far:

  • card payment
  • time recording
  • cash register /li>

  • Events
  • kitchen display
  • and plenty more