Key & Card


The company Key & Card AG has more than 30 years of experience in access management.
The self-check-in terminal developed in Switzerland communicates with ibelsa to create an uncomplicated and fast guest experience.
Main functions:
– Payment (cash/debit/credit card)
– Registration form (with document scanner)
– Key Coding
– Walk-in

Additional functions during the stay.
Numerous other integrations and functions.


Reservation data is requested by ibelsa to create registration forms. Payments at the terminal are transferred to ibelsa. Availability requests from the terminal are answered by ibelsa to enable “walk-in” reservations.

further products

Electronic locking systems with RFID key cards, pin code, Bluetooth (BLE) and Wifi communication. Remote management and door opening via app or web browser.  Registration form management for staffed reception.