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Good day,
If you’re reading this, you’ve come a long way. They have realised that they have to change something and need a new reservation programme.
… because times change faster than you think. When we opened our *** business, we bought a “big” PC with a 10 MB hard drive and still had reservation books. The reservation books were then replaced over 10 years ago by an online reservation programme and since 2016 we have been working with Ibelsa. With Ibelsa, they not only have an overview of their reservations at home, but also on the road. Especially as a small family business, this was important for us. In order to keep up with the big hotels, a channel manager (we use MappingMaster) is inevitable to offer the free rooms on the internet. Of course Ibelsa supports this and even has a fast, clear booking tool for the own hotel homepage. Yes, and surprisingly, this costs nothing extra. It is also only charged per room / apartment. The Ibelsa reservation programme can be compared to a piano. It is only the programme, they have to play (and practise) themselves. There is a lot of work ahead of you. Throw everything old overboard and think about what you really need in the future. For example, we only have one price for a double room (with or without terrace,…), because the guests are mainly looking for a free room on the internet. Hardly any of the guests wait until this particular room becomes available. The guest might book because the sun is shining this week and not because he was able to choose from 10 similar room categories (possibly on his mobile phone). Since you as a hotel are allowed to offer the rooms cheaper than the booking platforms, you will have different prices for the same room on your homepage. Depending on the occupancy, we adjust our prices (e.g. for events, Formula 1, …). Ibelsa can do that and much more. Ibelsa is open to feedback and suggestions and it is then great to see how within weeks the programmers have implemented this. As with anything new, the initial phase will be hectic, confusing, self-abandoning, neurotic, desperate… but they will see that they are in good hands with Ibelsa Support. Now they may take the next step.

Best regards from Hochsteiermark

Landhaus Kügler in Eppich
Gerhard Kügler
Köllach 53
8712 Proleb, Österreich

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