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We had several hotel systems offered and demonstrated to us, as we had previously worked with lists and tables and had no experience with this type of system. The overview and the first impression were already great, the price and the cloud connection were also immediately convincing. I can always access Ibelsa from all my devices, whether at home or on holiday, without having to buy expensive licences. The switch to Ibelsa has not caused any problems for the staff. Our staff had no previous experience with hotel systems. Within about 2 weeks, we could no longer imagine working without Ibelsa. Compared to before, the reduction in workload is really enormous and the capacity utilisation can now be controlled much better. In addition, there is a super service that takes care of our concerns competently, quickly and very nicely. The programme is growing and there are always new updates that further develop the programme in a positive way.

Hotel Deutsches Haus
Alexander Schneider
Schmiedelstraße 5
97318 Kitzingen

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