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We, as a campsite, have been working with ibelsa since the beginning of 2022. It is really a very nice programme! Everything works perfectly and it has a lot of possibilities. Now all guests can independently see the availabilities of the campsites and overnight accommodations via the homepage and if available, book directly via the homepage – very easy, fast and transparent! What is also very convenient for us is the ibelsa financial module. The module communicates very well with Gastronovi (another software programme, suitable for the cash register). This means that all finances from the campsite and the bar simply go through ibelsa. The tax advisor also has online access, which saves an infinite amount of time on both sides and no more mistakes are made! The set-up was very easy and quick! The ibelsa team helped us very well with various online appointments and everything was very clear and well explained! Even when we had urgent questions during the season, we were always helped very quickly and well! We would recommend all campsites, hotels and restaurants to work with ibelsa! Many thanks to the whole ibelsa team, here’s to many more years of good cooperation!

LandGut Girtenmühle
Girtenmühle 1
66679 Losheim-Britten

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