Introduction to the cockpit

The cockpit allows you to easily manage all daily processes like the check in or check out
and also gives you an overview of your future reservations. Moreover, the cockpit provides you with information about your guests and their status.


Therefore, it is divided in a left and a right column. On the left side you will find five up-­to-­date lists, depending on the guest status (be it arrival or in-house or future reservations) and by clicking on one guest the specific guest details will appear on the right.


In the arrival list you will find all arrivals for the current day. Check in your guests with one simple click.

Inhouse List

The in­house­list informs you about the guests who are staying and their departure date.

Reservation list

All existing reservations are lshown in the reservation list.  You can filter by date or reservation number.

If you click on any entry within the first three lists further information about the reservation, eg. details on the booked room and the invoice will be shown on the righthand side.

Contact list

With the contact list you can search for customers that have already been entered in to the
system. enter name, company or town in the search field at the top of the page. Click on an entry with the mouse to see details on the guest and his company as well as his booking history.

Live Log

The livelog tracks all system movements, such as automatically generated reservations or actions performed by your employees.


Use the general search function at the top of the page to search for entries in all five lists. You can search by name, company or city or a combination.

Other than the mentioned main functions, there are four buttons in the upper right corner, that appear on all pages. Use them to

  • enter a new reservation
  • update the booking day
  • configure the master file data and to
  • to exit ibelsa.rooms.