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MappingMaster is the solution for the optimal online distribution while working within multiple touristical online distributions channels. Cloud based products like our Channel Manager, MasterBookings, Cockpit and Fast PMS enriching the world of thousands of accommodation providers all over the world. The MappingMaster products are built to help increase online revenue, streamline business process and drive down the cost of acquisition. MappingMaster is a button up, dynamic company that will continually grow while using the advantage of the first fully self-serviced Channel Management System for apartments, holiday houses and flats, hostels and hotels at the touristic market.


Full 2 Way XML interface for sending availability and rates and receiving reservations (push or pull) – minimum/maximum stay and close for arrival/departure transfer.

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MappingMaster’s Channel Manager allows you to update room rates and availability across multiple online portals, greatly simplifying online channel and booking management. The MappingMaster Channel Manager is a web-based software system that enables managers of holiday units, B&Bs, hostels and hotels to adjust daily rates, availability and cancellations across third-party platforms simultaneously. The greatest advantage here is the improved overview that allows providers to plan more effectively and save time. Reservation and price updates occur in real time. Accommodation providers can also avoid overbookings thanks to the two-way XML technology of the MappingMaster system.

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