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DIRS21 by TourOnline AG has been creating intelligent and innovative solutions in the hotel, catering and tourism industry for over 21 years. Combined in one system, DIRS21 offers all the functions of a web-based booking engine, as well as a comprehensive channel manager, making it the market leader in D-A-CH. More than 5,300 customers, mostly medium-sized and owner-managed hotels from the 3 & 4-star sector, use DIRS21.


The following applies to the PMS V2 interface

Availabilities, prices, minimum nights, CTA/CTD can be transmitted.
Can be retrieved/booked: Bookings, rebookings, cancellations, additional services.
Export options: Changes only
The following applies to the PMS V3 interface

The following can be transmitted:availabilities, rates, occupancy-dependent rates, minimum nights, CTA/CTD, children’s rates, closed periods.
all transmitted data except availabilities can be transmitted individually per rate
Retrieved/posted can be Bookings, rebookings, cancellations, additional services
Export options: Changes only

Other products

Channel manager (DIRS21 Channelswitch), direct booking mask (IBE), widgets (additional modules), DIRS21 Quickbook (quick booking box), DIRS21 package list, DIRS21 availability calendar, DIRS21 room list, connections to price comparisons and metasearchers, Liverate, Trivago, Google Hotel Ads, tripadvisor, services, DIRS21 voucher shop, DIRS21 payment, DIRS21 web concepts

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