29646 Heidehotel Bockelmann

After 18 years of working with a locally installed PMS system, we wanted to move to a cloud solution. The connection to our cash register system, to a reporting system from our local tourist information and of course the connection to a channel manager were important criteria to find a suitable software. It was also important to us, that the software would be easy and intuitive to use. Especially the maintenance of master data at ibelsa is uncomplicated and understandable and not confusing. The move to ibelsa was very easy and straightforward, thanks to the great support, which was fast, friendly and competent right from the start. Working with ibelsa is fun, especially because you notice that the software is regularly maintained, updated and sensibly extended. Any suggestions for fundamental adjustments and changes are quickly pursued or there is at least one alternative suggestion. Thanks to the cloud we have quick access from everywhere, can help each other or react quickly without being directly on site.

Heidehotel Bockelmann
Heiko Bockelmann
Nöllestraße 18
29646 Bispingen

29646 Bispingen, Germany