Key data report

Key data report – Key figures at a glance
This report can be found in the ‘Reports” tab of the ibelsa.rooms application. The report can be generated in PDF format and printed using the ‘Print’ icon at the end of the line.

With the Key data reports, every owner and manager has all key figures at his disposal. Here the most important daily figures are accumulated on a month-do-date and a year-to-year basis: from RevPAR to average occupancy, to revenue figures – all the information you need is instantly accessible.

Listed under the heading ‘Capacity’, you will find the total number of rooms that you have created within the system, regardless of whether certain rooms may have blocked.

The number displayed in relation to blocked rooms refers to the number of nights a room (under ‘My Hotels’ -> ‘rooms’), was/is blocked, e.g. for renovations.

The number of rentable rooms is calculated by subtracting the number of blocked rooms from the total number of rooms.

The available rooms are your free rooms. This is the total number of rentable rooms minus the number of occupied rooms.

Average Value
The average rate is calculated by dividing the lodging revenue by the number of occupied rooms.

For the average room occupancy, the number of occupied rooms is divided by the number of available rooms.

One of the most important indicators is the RevPAR –Revenue per available room
The RevPAR is calculated by dividing the lodging revenue by the number of available rooms, or can also be calculated by multiplying the average rate with the average room occupancy. The RevPAR is composed of both averages, making it a very meaningful comparison figure.

The TRevPAR ‘Total Revenue per Available Room’ is not only the accommodation sales, but also the total turnover divided by the number of rentable rooms.
The average number of guests per room is calculated by dividing the number of guests in the house by the number of occupied rooms and lets you know the average number of people who have stayed in a room.

Cockpit information

Here you will find the number of arrivals, departures, and guests in residence, displayed as both the number of rooms, as well as the number of people.

Revenues are displayed per commodity group. Commodity groups entered under ‘My Hotels’ -> ‘products’, and which have generated revenue, are shown. Total revenue is displayed on the last row.

Key figure reports can be accessed for dates prior to the current date, and not for the current day of future dates. The comparative figures for the previous year will automatically be generated once you have been using ibelsa.rooms for more than a year.