Is there anything I need to do before performing the Daily Update?

Before you close down at the end of each day, you should check that all guests expected to arrive that day have done so. When a 6pm reservation has not arrived, you can delete it. If a guaranteed reservation has not arrived, you can simply leave it in the system. The system will then automatically process the reservation as a no show so that you can deal with the information accordingly the next day, and apply the appropriate charges. All guests who have arrived as expected should be checked-in.
Please also ensure that all guests due to leave that day have been checked-out. If a guest was not checked-out, you will need either to perform the check-out, or to extend the reservation by a day.

To verify arrivals and departures for the current day, please go to the Cockpit and check that the Arrivals List is empty, and that the In-house List has no impending check-outs.