How to search for a reservation?

You are in the start screen of the cockpit and want to find a reservation. Please enter the criteria that you want to search for in the upper search box.

Possible criterias to search are the following: first name, last name or company name, and city. A combination of search terms is also possible. So if you are looking for John Doe from Anytown, then your search can be entered as follows: ‘John Doe Anytown’. Separation of terms by a comma is also possible.
After entering the first 3 letters the system will automatically start the search. The search function does not need to be started separately. The search function also responds to the input of name parts. If you are looking for Mr. Ironman he will also be displayed when entering “man”.

The reservation list also has a date filter by default, the date filter shows the next day, but can be adjusted for any other one.

To clear the search please click on the cross next to the search field.