How do I create an invoice for a no show?

You had a no show (‘What do I do with a reservation if the guest does not arrive?’) and want to create an invoice to this guest.

You can access the reservation and the invoice of the no show guest in the cockpit at any time. Search for the guest in the search box on the top left inside the cockpit. The guest will be displayed in the Contacts list, please click on his name. You can now access the corresponding reservation via the sidebar.
Now choose in the sidebar under “Reservation” the appropriate reservation period (the one from the no-show) and click it with the left mouse button.

The reservation details will now be loaded. You can access the reservation to take a look at it
or open via the item ‘invoice’ the bill.

As soon as you create an invoice for the guest,

the turnover of the service (overnights) automatically flows into the revenue in all sales reports (Revenue Report, Payment Report…). Conversely, unsettled no shows will not be included in the reports.