Cockpit List

Cockpit List – daily overview and emergency lists
The cockpit list can be found in the ‘Reports” tab of the ibelsa.rooms application. The report can be generated in PDF format and printed using the ‘Print’ icon at the end of the line.

The cockpit list includes the most relevant information for the current day’s business and is, therefore, an excellent emergency list. It displays all arrivals, departures, and all stay-overs related to that day.

The arrival and departure dates, current status of each guest and reservation (Booked = Expected arrival, Check-in = Arrived, Checked-out = Departed), room number, number of guests, rate and average price of rate company, personal guest keywords, and notes are all displayed.

Should the system be unavailable, you can also view the outstanding balance of a reservation. Please note that, for reservations with several rooms, the total amount of all guests is charged to the main reservation.

The number of rooms that make up this booking is noted in brackets after the invoice amount. The cockpit list can be generated for today or any day, past or future.