Friday, 08. November 2013

The hotelier in the clouds – ibelsa presents its cloud-based, hotel management software.

Costly installations, updates, and hardware issues, not to mention complicated conversions from existing internal systems and staff training, are all a thing of the past with the introduction of cloud technology.

Ibelsa.rooms is the new, cloud-based, hotel management software, created specifically for small and medium-sized hotels. Within minutes of registration, hotel owners are able to manage their businesses online. From reservations and occupancy, to reports and customer data, the hotelier can access all essential information from any internet-enabled device, anywhere in the world.Real-time availability requests and reservations are now possible, courtesy of the cloud.

Ibelsa saves the time, money and effort that would otherwise be spent on running and maintaining in-house software. At only 4 euros per room, per month, on a month by month basis, and with free, automatic updates, our system offers small and medium-sized hotels the management luxuries previously only available to the big hotels.

 “Modern cloud structure enables us to provide both efficiency and savings to hotels. The cloud bypasses the need for complex hardware and software systems, and supports the creation of sustainable, exciting solutions for the hotelier. He then gains time to focus on his business and devote himself to his guests,” says Patrick Schulte, CEO of ibelsa GmbH.

In addition to providing instant hotel data access, anytime, anywhere, ibelsa.rooms’ intuitive design and self-explanatory functions are backed-up by comprehensive, web-video demonstrations.

“We’re certainly no IT experts, but I can trust any of my staff to work with ibelsa.rooms,” explains Henning Schorge, manager of the Eder Mill Hotel in Germany.

We host an online product presentation every month, lasts approximately 30 minutes, and fully demonstrates the capabilities of ibelsa.rooms.