Relax. Everything is secure! We care.
We protect your data against 3 tons of TNT, 3 hours at3000°C, a stage 12 hurricane perhaps? We won’t allow anything to touch your data. In addition, the system has a default rate of 0.01% - is this something your regular server can provide? Your data is backed-up in multiple locations and so is always protected and secure, ready for use.

Software as a Service

Instant access, your ibelsa.rooms hotel management software is directly ready for use. Installation can be done via any Internet browser, and once you have utilized the set-up wizard, ibelsa.rooms is ready to go. No waiting for installation to complete, and no training session necessary.


Internet-based work with unlimited access. Thanks to the latest technologies, the software responds promptly to all input commands, and the cloud facilitates our software in terms of speed.

  • Internet-based work with unlimited access via PC, laptop or smartphone
  • Web pages loadrapidly thanks to the high end technology AJAX
  • Ease of use as though operating a software interface

Intuitive Operation

ibelsa.rooms was developed by specialists within the IT and international hotel management sectors in accordance with the principle "keep it short and simple". Through the utilization of clear, uncluttered and consistent design, and an emphasis on user friendly processes, ibelsa.rooms has developed the complete solution for today’s hotelier.

Full control of costs

The software is based on a simple financial model, with no hidden costs. The hotel owner leases the software with a flat, monthly rate, depending on the number of hotel rooms. There are no costs involved for installation or updates.

Optimal performance easy and quick

ibelsa.rooms is a web-based hotel management software that enables the user to easily navigate through the various processes involved in running a hotel; from customer care and the management of booking portals, to the integration of a booking engine in the hotel´s own websites and all types of social media.

Developed in collaboration with experts within the hospitality industry and IT sector, ibelsa.rooms is a rapidly deployable and easy to learn software designed for the international market.