Tuesday, 29. October 2013

With just 5 rooms, a hotel software?

Even small hotels can now afford the luxury of great software. Many small and medium sized hotels still work with reservation books, and manually created invoices. These work processes have proved effective over many decades.

But is operating without a computer still an option? There are few companies that do not use fast and cost effective emails as a way to communicate. Are invoices still really written by hand, or are invoice templates created on your PC? Can a hotel survive without a website? Can a hotel participate in booking portal websites such as booking.com and HRS? What about the new social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter? 

Answered honestly, these questions demonstrate how computers now determine the type of the work involved in running a hotel, and frequently not only the core procedures. What would happen if you had hotel software that not only made daily tasks such as reservations, management, and invoicing easier, but also coordinated all of these processes? Emails sent with 1-click from the reservation book. Room rates and availability information for your website, booking portals, and social media sites are controlled from the hotel software, and uploaded automatically. Everything from one source - in one system. 

For hotels, both large and small, such comprehensive software proves highly relevant and useful. Maintaining the website, booking portals, and social media for a hotel, is exactly the same whether you manage 100 rooms or 10. So a small hotel spends the same amount of time on these processes as a large one, but can it afford the same software? Ibelsa.rooms offers software to hotels of all categories, at an affordable price, using a fair, cost-rental system. For only € 4.00 per room per month, a small hotel can have the luxury, and peace of mind, of larger businesses.