Thursday, 17. November 2011

Win with ibelsa.rooms

How do your guests make their reservations? Tell us how your guests book your rooms, by the end of August, and you could win a month’s Free access to ibelsa.rooms!

The booking channels available to customers today are diverse. Formerly limited to the use of travel agents, or postal reservations, customers now have numerous, fast and convenient channels, from email on hotel websites, to internet portals, and social media sites.

Are you contacted at your hotel via phone, fax, and email? Or perhaps you receive bookings through web or fansites? How about commissionable bookings through internet portals, travel agents, or wholesalers?

Just leave a comment on the ibelsa blog to automatically take part in our draw, and win a month’s Free access to ibelsa.rooms!

Good luck! Your ibelsa team!