Tuesday, 25. August 2015

The variety of connections makes you free!

Interfaces are a hot topic in the entire IT area — usually they are expensive, do not work as de-
sired, and sometimes give more worries than joy.

This caused ibelsa.rooms to come to a conclusion: Since the beginning of the development of the
Hotel Software, ibelsa.rooms, we have relied on integrated connections to anchor interfaces to
the third-party in our system and make it usable with fewer steps. The advantages are obvious:

- Direct activation of any connections within a few minutes and without any additional costs

- IBELSA cares, together with our technology partners, about Integration, and we focus on wor-
ry-free use

- Centralized certification of the connections, together with our technology partners, increases

- Updates will be centrally automated and installed for you

Currently, you can choose from about 25 connections and activate and deactivate them freely.
Also, in the test phase of ibelsa.rooms, you can already test these connections! You can select
from the following topics and products:

- Channel Manager

   - Viato 

   - dirs21

   - cultuzz

   - Siteminder
   - bookassist
   - mappingmaster

   - availpro
- POS Systems

   - gastronovi

   - gastrofix
   - expresssoft

   - NovaTouch

   - tcpos

   - TiPOS 

   - REVO

- Telephone Systems

   - HoTelco

- Revenue Management
   - Pricematch
- Newsletter Systems

   - Mailchimp (via Zapier)

   - Campaign Monitor (via Zapier)

- Assessment Management System

   - iiQ-Check

   - Customer Alliance
- Destinations Management

   - Feratel

   - AVS

   - Thomas Travel

- Web Pages

   - Jimdo

   - web4business

- Mobile Solutions

   - APP iPhone & iPad

   - App für den Gast

Since no wish will remain open at ibelsa.rooms, we have created two ways, in addition to these
connections, with which you can integrate technologies:

1. Integration with API-to-API-service ZAPIER:

Zapier combines cloud-based services of any kind. Currently, you can with a few simple clicks
connect ibelsa.rooms with over 400 other cloud services! Check it out — the first connections
are free at Zapier!

2. Provide an open API:

With modern software architecture, ibelsa.rooms provides available open developer interface
(brief API). With this API, developers can encrypt data using a strict authorization from ibelsa.-
rooms and read and write these in ibelsa.rooms. As usual, this API is available free of charge.

We have already achieved our goal to allow each Hotelier a carefree use of a variety of connec-
tions, but we are already working on exciting new connections that will, in small ways, simplify
and revolutionize the everyday life of hoteliers! In the coming months and years, more connec-
tions will follow in the following areas:

- Locking Systems

- Secure Payment Service Provider

- Accounting Software

- Telephone Systems


If you have questions about the connections or the nature of the integration of technology

providers, we will be available at any time.

If you want to try a test, you can reach us any time at 0681-96989001, or sign up directly on our
Website for a free 30-day trial.

We look forward to connecting with you.