Monday, 10. March 2014

The ibelsa templates management is online: invoice templates now individually adaptable!

The brand new ibelsa templates management allows each hotel to configure it´s own, individual invoice templates. There are no restrictions - any adjustments are possible.

How does it work?
In the 'my hotel'-area you find the tab “Templates”. Here, you can manage any number of templates.These are special files that contain IT-specific information to create templates.To be able to make changes, these files need to be downloaded.After all changes have been completed, the files can be uploaded again. From now on, your personal  template is available within the function “Download invoice”. Details of this procedure can be found on our website.

At present it is only possible to make adjustments to the invoice templates. Additional document templates will follow shortly. The adaptation of templates requires knowledge of the HTML similar programming language (TWIG). Talk to your IT expert or webmaster about this or speak directly to our support team. We would be happy to give you references of partner companies, who can offer uncomplicated and quick support.

Another new feature is the Tax classes for rates:
Up to now the entry of the tax classes for rates was done under 'my hotel / Settings' and was done globally for all rates. From now on the required tax class can be set up directly in the rates tab inside the window “edit rate”. This option is important in connection with a City Tax which is only applicable for certain rates (for example only for private but not for business guests).

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