Tuesday, 29. October 2013

Software solutions from professionals!

Full service for the hotel owner - software solutions from professionals! SaaS vs. on-premise (internal server solution)

What if the hotel’s own software – usually installed on a specially acquired server – falters and costly maintenance is required? Problems with an “on-premise” solution often mean that the entire hotel operation is paralyzed for extended periods of time.

Software experts are then brought in to solve the problem at substantial expense. Not so with the progressive, “software-as-a-service”- SaaS solution. DIY installations are a thing of the past. With our solution, the hotelier pays for the use of the software, and need not worry about anything. The monthly cost is dependent on the size of the hotel.


ibelsa.rooms advantages in detail:

  • No installation times, or costs
  • No hardware costs - an Internet-enabled PC, Tablet PC, or a laptop is sufficient
  • Free, automatic updates
  • No delivery times - the software can be used immediately
  • Clear, and favorable pricing, with no hidden costs
  • Software can be accessed anytime, anyplace, via a smartphone
  • Robust data security
  • Fail-safe

With ibelsa.rooms you are always up-to-date, both security and version updates are performed anytime, automatically and centrally. Using web-based, fail-safe cloud technology, your information is managed in a secure data center. And if an internet outage did occur, there are emergency lists with which the hotel owner would be able to continue working. Simply ingenious: ibelsa.rooms.

“The proof is in the pudding” – try ibelsa.rooms, charged with three rooms, for as long as you want!