Monday, 23. July 2012

Smart search

Customer care means: finding customers.

Today’s update automatically installs our latest developments.

  • Both individual and company files have been enhanced with a new field: additional reporting. This field can be used individually from hotel to hotel, and country to country, and can be utilised depending on the particular customer requirements, from ID or Passport numbers, to company tax IDs and other relevant data. This additional information will be shown/printed on both the bill and reservation form.
  • Ibelsa.rooms is becoming increasingly automated, thus optimizing hotel processes. For example, information regarding rooms in need of cleaning now appears automatically after check-in, and after the change of a booking day.
  • Our search function in the cockpit and contacts is now even smarter… no guest will get lost. It is now possible to search for the first name, last name, and town, all at the same time. If, for example, you search for Mrs. Smith from London, you simply enter “Smith London”, and all Smiths from London will be displayed.
  • The invoice guest line now automatically displays the guest’s name so that group bookings appear more clearly on the invoice. In addition, it is now possible to edit the description and amount of the “overnight” field of the invoice. 

We will guide you through the latest features with one of our webinars. If you are interessted just contacted us under: