Monday, 05. March 2012

Room Rack and import function

New features via automatic update.

Today’s update affords you the latest developments:

  • Room Rack – We have cleaned-up!

     - In addition to reservations, this multi-functional representation of your reservation            book includes house availabilities and a category chart. You can quickly see, edit or          reenter reservations, all in a neat, user-friendly and thoughtful design.

      - If you have not assigned a particular room for a reservation, the reservation will still         appear in the room rack, ready for room allocation. 

  • Import customer files!

     - With just one click, the import feature allows you to import customer and company          profiles from CSV format. Corresponding relationships between data files (contacts            and companies), will apply directly.

Also new:

  • My Hotel: Products can be set to inactive.
  • Reservations: Notes are now also visible in the reservation area.
  • Contacts: An additional field for company web-addresses has been added.
  • Invoice: Invoice layout has been optimised.
  • Web-booking: The system allows for a stand alone booking site, with no further internet presence required.
  • Web-booking: Your contact details are now referred to the potential customer when there are no rooms available online.