Tuesday, 29. October 2013

Product support: we are there for you!

…please hold, there is no one currently available to take your call…your call will be answered at the next available opportunity…

This message, recorded in a monotone, computer generated voice, is what most people probably associate with the word “support”. And what also springs to mind are the ridiculous costs involved: either you pay an extortionate, flat monthly fee, or you pay by the minute, mostly for the pleasure of being kept on hold.


Our aim is to provide you with simple, intuitive, self-explanatory software.

If, however, you have any questions or need our assistance, there are no monthly support fees, and we will never leave you waiting for long.

At ibelsa we answer email enquiries promptly and professionally, and offer several hours of live support each day to answer your questions and help tackle your problems. There is also an extensive selection of demos and learning videos at your disposal, at no additional cost.

‘And what does all this cost?’ you ask yourself. Nothing.