Tuesday, 29. October 2013

Our vision

An interview with the founders; Patrick Schulte and Philipp Berchtold

What is ibelsa.rooms?

Patrick Schulte (PS): Philip Berchtold and I launched ibelsa.rooms at the end of 2010. Philip grew up within the hotel industry and witnessed it at an international level, so you could say it is in his blood. I have 15 years running a company that delivered software solutions to discerning customers at the highest level. So the idea was actually pretty collaborative, no Philip?


Philipp Berchtold (PB): Yeah. Ibelsa.rooms arose from our individual strengths: a synergy of intelligent technology and first-hand, hotel industry knowledge. A complete management system for the hotel owner!

PS: By the industry, for the industry. The important factor here is to understand the specific needs of hoteliers. How can we simplify and assist the hotelier in the daily running of his hotel so that, beneath the bottom line, there is more time for the guest?

PB: Yes, the question that, ultimately, has always been very much at the center of this project for both of us. But getting there was not always easy. Initially, we had to knock on many hotel doors and interview the owners closely to discover what their reaction would be to a management software like ibelsa.rooms.

PS: And the response was very positive. One of the main reasons we sit here right now, I think!

What was it about ibelsa.rooms that convinced the hoteliers?

PB: That’s obvious: The intuitive operation. One of the reasons hotel owners still carry a “black book” is that they often deem software too confusing to use, and find it easier to jot down quick notes with a pencil.

PS: Thanks to ibelsa.rooms, things are about to change! We have developed an intelligent software that particularly stands out because of its clear design, and user- friendly interface.

The functions:

PB: Yes, but not only that. The software also contains the exact functions hoteliers need. For example, he can easily change a guest’s room choice by using “drag and drop” within the room rack.

PS: Or the memo-function. Whether a guest prefers flowers or fruit in his room is displayed quickly, and directly, in the “cockpit”…

PB: This is the first page; the main menu and navigation is all….

PS: …visible.

PB: It is also crucial that the hotelier can access the program from anywhere. Ourtechnology is cloud-based, which means the hotelier can check all his guest data whilst “on the road”, via smartphone.

PS: Yes, or from the comfort of home. And we guarantee the highest privacy and security levels at all times!

PB: What have we forgotten?

PS: Booking functions…

PB: A problem that often occurs with traditional software solutions is the lack of booking functions on hotels’ own websites.

PS: Yes, that’s what we’ve found with one of our hotel partners in central Germany. The management of the Sport Hotel Wacker, in Wenden, sacrifices a considerable amount of time submitting their website to search engines in order to ensure that customers book directly through the website, and not on hotel booking portals.

PB: Obtaining bookings via your own website is becoming increasingly important. It eliminates the substantial fees associated with Channel Managers, and the hotelier knows instantly that a booking has been placed.

PS: Exactly. And we have also come up with a smart, cost-neutral and easy solution for this problem. Integrate the ibelsa booking engine with your website at no extra costs.

PS: Just wait and see how many other functions Ibelsa.rooms releases in the near future! Our blog regularly gives new insights into what goes on behind the scenesof ibelsa.rooms, so by the time it launches in November, you will be well informed about our product!

PB: Then there is only one thing to say: Have fun with ibelsa.rooms!