Tuesday, 18. December 2012

Old versus new...ibelsa.rooms will help

Old versus new...

Want to leave your old system with all it´s problems behind you but are stuck in an existing contract…then ibelsa has the solution for you.

 Sign up and use ibelsa.rooms for free until your present contract finishes. We only need some form of confirmation of the existing contract.

If you have no Hotel Management System then make use of our christmas special and register for 2 months for free.                                                                                             Enter our promotion code UBJA9-YG83D-YSPB4 and see how easy it can be.

After that the contract period is only 30 days and costs 4,-€ per room per month and no hidden costs for installation and up-dates.

Merry christmas and a happy and successful 2013,

your ibelsa team