Tuesday, 29. October 2013

My name is... Ricarda Müller

My name is Ricarda Müller...


.... and I am the ibelsa.rooms Language & Product Manager for all English and Portuguese speaking countries. I am responsible for the program translation, website and marketing material into both English and Portuguese. Along with handling the marketing for ibelsa , I am head of the Support and Training department, and the main contact for both potential and existing hotel partners and pro partners.


Having initially come from a medical background, I entered the tourism industry in 1999, as a tour guide for one of Europe’s largest travel agencies.




My job took me around the world, before eventually leading me to Portugal where I worked as a secretary, then later as a junior manager. During the years I spent travelling the globe, I was always in close contact with hoteliers, directors and, of course, receptionists, and one topic of conversation that came up time and time again, was the lack of Hotel Management Software for small and medium sized hotels.


This is one of the reasons why I love my new job – we offer a fully web based, hotel management software which allows small, previously overlooked hotels, hostels, guest houses and all other kind of small accommodation facilities a fair chance to use a management software at  a competative price.


To me, the most important aspect of booking a hotel is… Fair pricing. To get the best price directly from the hotels own website and not through any booking portals.


Want to get to know me better…. Please feel free to get in touch so we can arrange to meet at either the BTL in Lisbon, the ITB in Berlin or during one of our introductory workshops: