Friday, 18. September 2015

ibelsa.rooms welcomes four new technology partners: HotelPartner Yield Management, TiPOS, NovaCom, and Plannico

The number of integrated connections of ibelsa.rooms is steadily growing. About 30 direct connections can be currently activated within minutes without further costs at ibelsa.rooms.

In addition to these direct connections, ibelsa.rooms offers the possibility to exchange data with hundreds of other applications and data on the Zapier platform. Just stop by!

Here is a summary of the four newly added direct connections:

HotelPartner Yield Management

HotelPartner is a Swiss company for modern yield management with headquarters in Switzerland, Germany and Austria. HotelPartner offers a combination of technology and 'human capital' to customers around the world to increase income and achieve optimal margins. ibelsa.rooms and HotelPartner have developed a bi-directional interface that you can activate without further costs.

Plannico Personnel Planning

With Plannico, you can leave your wall calendar and colored highlighter marks behind. Plannico is a web-based application that allows small and medium-sized businesses to easily, flexibly and efficiently manage vacations and absences of staff. With its headquarters in Germany, the application is offered worldwide. The key figures such as the amount of check-ins, check-outs and the breakfasts booked for that day are passed automatically from ibelsa.rooms to Plannico and shown in a clear planning display. Personnel planning becomes a child's play!

TiPOS POS Systems

TiPOS is an Austrian company, which constantly developes in collaboration with the gastronomy. The TiPOS Gastro is especially characterized by its practicality and stability. It was specifically considered to adjust the work processes to the business. ibelsa.rooms allows you to transfer any sales made in the restaurant onto the bill of the guest in the hotel in a few steps through its integrated connection.

NovaCom POS Systems

NovaTouch POS is a Windows-based POS system with its origin in Austria. The user is led intuitively through the menus. As usual with ibelsa.rooms, even untrained personnel work it within minutes. You can transfer any sale made at the restaurant to the bill of the guest in the hotel with just a few clicks. As usual , this connection is available for free at ibelsa.rooms.

See it for yourself and get to know ibelsa.rooms in the frame of a free 30-day testing period! 

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