Friday, 01. June 2012

From confirmation letters to key reports – ibelsa.rooms takes care of it!

Along with today’s ibelsa.rooms system update (performed automatically, as usual, for our customers), we would like to present the first Reports and Reservation Confirmations.

  • The first reports are now accessible in PDF format, under the new “reports” tab.

-The cockpit list includes the most relevant information for the current day’s business and is, therefore, an excellent quick view list: all arrivals, departures and a in-house guests, at a glance.


-Pass the Housekeeping overview to your housekeeper so that he/she has all the necessary information at a glance: which rooms are clean or dirty, and the rooms with departures or   arrivals.
-With the Key figure reports, every owner and manager has all key figures at his disposal. Here the most important daily figures are accumulated on a month-do-date and a year-to-year basis: from RevPAR to average occupancy, to revenue figures – all the information you need is instantly accessible.
-The Revenue Report shows the turnover per commodity group in comparison to daily turnover sales accumulated per month and year. As such, the report can be sent directly to the accountant.
-The Commodity Group Report lists every individual revenue booking and cancellation.
-All payments, grouped according to payment method, are illustrated in the Payment report. This allows a direct crosscheck with the credit card statements.
-Travel Trade Statistics presents your room nights in comparison to the relevant country and over a period of a month, both in number of arrivals and actual overnight stays. With no need to manually collate this data, it can simply be forwarded on.

  • An automatic Reservation quote, or Confirmation letter containing all reservation details, is only one click away. The document is produced in pdf format so that it can be printed and sent quickly and easily as an email attachment. 
  • The print version of the Registration form is created through the use of the Printer icon inside the main reservation area of the software. From the reservation overview, you can generate and print the registration form for guests with just one click.  Of course, the registration form contains all relevant guest and reservation information.