Tuesday, 29. October 2013

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ibelsa.rooms provides free video tutorials.

The installation of on-premise software at a hotel is generally considered time-consuming and costly. 2-5 days of staff training by a specialised software expert, costing between 2400-5000 €, and then there is the large investment to be made in the necessary hardware and software.

Expenses can quickly mount-up to in excess of 10,000 €, a prospect which often leaves hotel owners, understandably, reluctant to modernise.


Unlike with ibelsa.rooms. Our motto “keep it simple” means that, with a few clicks of the mouse, you can pick-up the basics in a relatively short time. The intuitive quality of the software makes it ideal for those who prefer a more independent approach to learning, and who only need a short video introduction to the various functions and processes.

For those who prefer to proceed with a more “step-by-step” approach, the ibelsa website offers free video tutorials that can be accessed whenever, and wherever, the user wants.

We cater to any type of learning requirements. For those who react well to visual learning we have a large selection of video tutorials but, for those who are comfortable with a more responsive method of learning, we offer inexpensive online training and welcome the opportunity to respond to any questions a user may have.

The FAQ section of the website offers plenty of information regarding the software but, if your query is not covered there, we offer free and prompt email support, so you’re never on your own.

It’s easy to learn with ibelsa.rooms hotel software!