Tuesday, 29. October 2013

Commission free bookings through your hotel´s own website

ibelsa.rooms makes it possible!

Having only recently entered the market, we are pleased to unveil our first major development: In addition to many other technical improvements, and thanks to an integrated booking engine, the latest version of ibelsa makes it possible for you to take bookings directly through your hotel’s website, and at no additional cost to you. We remain true to our pricing model: €4.00 per room per month.


Our Booking engine highlights:

  •       Attractive, intuitive booking interface for your guests
  •       Prices and availability are uploaded directly from the hotel software
  •       Guests are able to book directly through your website, and receive booking conformation via email
  •       The reservation is entered directly into the hotel software, which automatically creates a task prompt for you to check the reservation
  •       Easy integration of your hotel website booking engine
  •       Choice of interface colour themes to match your corporate identity

We are currently working on room image integration within the booking engine so that your guests are able to view rooms at the time of booking. Your clients will be thrilled with this development, as this is something previously only available on major booking engines.

For further information on our booking engine, simply follow this link, where you will find the relevant video tutorial.