Tuesday, 29. October 2013

Boost commission free bookings

The hotel owner wants nothing more than quick, commission free bookings. “But how to attain these or, indeed, promote the option? If the guest makes a reservation by phone, fax or email, the hotelier has a commission free booking, but he must also allow for a certain amount of work for promotion, enquiry, confirmation and processing of the reservation. Should the guest book via an internet portal, travel agent or wholesaler, the hotelier has often the commission and the effort. Wouldn’t it be good to avoid both?

ibelsa.rooms facilitates commission free and effortless bookings via your website. All relevant information such as address, company and booking data is entered by the guest during the reservation process, and is then fed directly into the hotel software. Easier and cheaper… almost impossible to believe!!
In order to encourage bookings from your website, you simply reward the guest for choosing this method – without, of course, violating existing contracts with your distributors… in other words, parity rates. But you are free to offer guests who book through your website, an upgrade, a free mineral water in the room, or even an invitation for coffee. The rewards are diverse, conceivable, and feasible. Be creative, and the guest will thank you when next making a reservation.