Tuesday, 05. March 2013

A picture says more than thousand words

ibelsa.rooms: bookings through your own website instead of paying commissions

At the moment we hear on all industry-specific channels from the annoyance of the hoteliers to pay high commissions to booking portals. Of course it hurts every hotelier to pass a high percentage of hard-earned revenue. On the other site it is impossible in our days to think about selling a room without the use of the internet.
To avoid the high commissions of the booking engines every hotel should offer the comfort of a direct price- and availability query on their own website with a well and visually appealing.

Because why do guests book - apart from the price comparison-  through booking portals.
First, because the booking portals always display pictures from the hotel and the room and secondly a request is always linked with an offer and the facility to make a booking. 
The guest from today has rarely the patience to wait for an answer to his booking request.  In addition the guest would like to make himself a picture - in the truest sense of the word - of the hotel.
But how can small and medium sized hotels go with the  requirements of the market? With ibelsa.rooms the hotelier doesn´t just have a cost effective and intuitive hotel software, with just a few steps he can integrate a booking engine on his hotels own website and this with out any extra costs or commission payments. The ibelsa.rooms software makes it as well possible to assign one or several pictures to a room….
so that the guest can make himself a picture of the available room before he books it directly with out any waiting time for an answer!