Introduction to the room rack


The room rack consists of an ovierview of rooms and reservations and a right column with additional functions.


In the upper part you will find current statistics – such as availability or occupancy.


Below you will find the main part of the room rack. This is where you see which rooms are available  and enter new reservations. Existing bookings can also be edited.

The room rack shows all bookings, no matter if they have been entered by your staff or booked online.

room status

The room status is shown on the left, click to change the status of one room or all rooms at once.

Right column

The right hand side provides additional options and information on existing reservations. By clicking on a reservation, the reservation and invoice details appear on the right.

Main reservation

Main reservations can be edited and notes added. By clicking on the plus sign new documents like notes or confirmations can be created and the filing widget shows you the existing ones.

If you need information on the guest or his company click on the particular name.


The room and reservation details are shown below, here you can also for example generate registration forms.


The invoice part lists all services. You can add further products or generate an invoice.