Introduction to the contact management

The contacts page is a  customer relationship management tool, with the aim to ensure your  long-term success, through detailed guest information.

For this reason the contact page enables you to benefit from your guests' preferences, wishes and connections among each other.


The contact page is divided into two parts. The main window shows all customers and  companies in alphabetical order. This is where you add new contacts and search for entries.

The area on the right side provides additional information and functions. A note or task can be added through the "+" next to the filing icon or select a given tag or enter a new one, to allow specific searches for future marketing activities. Also view company information and booking history.

New contact

To add a new contact click on the relevant button. Now you enter the guest's data and connect him with an existing company. If you would like to enter a company, change the selection at the top of the window to company and fill in the fields accordingly.

Finally save your settings.

Now your guest is listed in the register. Click the button if you would like to edit the data.


It is possible to add tags to your guests' data. Thereby you can assign categories like VIP status, mailing lists etc. Later guestlists can be generated by category for example for a newsletter mailing.


If you would like to save a wish or preference,  add it as a note within that guest's file.
Notes can be added to guests as well as to companies.

Important notes can be marked seperately.

Alternatively you can save a task instead of a note if there is a specific deadline.


If you would like to find a certain guest, please use the search function. You can search by name or first name, by company or by city. A combination is also possible.

Search by tag

To search for guests by tag, choose an existing tag on the right. It is also possible to enter a tag in the main search field. In this case starting with “tag:”

Functions on the right

Now you know the main functions. There are still additional items on the right

First of all you choose a guest from the list. As a result, his data will appear on the right side.

- filing

If there are notes assigned to a guest, you will see a coloured filing icon. Important notes are flashing

- contact field

In the contact field you can view detailed information about the guest, start an email or check  social networks.

- tags

In the box below further tags can be added.

- companies

Underneath, the connections are shown, which you can click on to see more details.

- reservations

The same applies for the listed booking history.