TP Tagus Palace

Narminha Shak has managed to create her own little empire in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. 4 small to medium sized hostels in the heart of Lisbon.

" Before I started using ibelsa.rooms I spent most of my day on the phone totally stressed forwarding reservations to my staff in the different hostels, trying to relocate overbookings from one hostel to another and keeping track that things were going according to plan. Every hour I checked by phone: check-ins, check- outs and whether the guests had already settled their bill.  The evenings I spent preparing the arrival and departure lists for my team and adding up my income and expenditure -  with ibelsa.rooms everything has changed for the better !  With just one System I manage my 4 houses. With a glance at my tablet or iphone I can see what is happening no matter where I am -  reservations , rates, bookings , check-in and check-out , over- bookings, payments  - I can see it all.

 My evenings I can now devote to my children again because ibelsa generates all my important reports and lists, be it the arrival and departure list for the reception, the housekeeping list and my  Keydata, revenue and payment reports.

Another great benefit, is the all-present support of ibelsa.rooms".