gastronovi offers an intelligent all-in-one solution for the catering and hotel industry that effortlessly simplifies and automates processes. The smart, expandable cash register solution connects all catering areas perfectly with each other and reduces your daily workload: From cash register system and table reservation to marketing, inventory management or calculation to the guest ordering system and much more.


Automatic transmission of accounting data: Benefit from the ideal coordination between the hotel software and the catering cash register system.

Interface function overview:

  • Read out current guests and display in the cash register
  • Direct booking to rooms or virtual accounts from the cash desk
  • Transfer of all invoices – regardless of the payment method – including broken down partial payments
  • transfer of the product groups of articles from the cash register
  • Transmission of the cumulative daily report and shift reports

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gastronovi offers an all-in-one solution for the catering and hotel industry consisting of 10 modules and 5 extensions:

  • checkout system
  • cash journal
  • customer loyalty
  • merchandise management
  • self-ordering
  • menus
  • homepage
  • newsletter
  • digital signage
  • time tracking
  • table Reservation
  • purchasing system
  • costing
  • Franchise
  • statistics